How to get to Barra de Potosi...


Getting to Barra de Potosi is easy and a fun adventure into local travel in rural Mexico. Here is how you do it:

Start in downtown Zihuatanejo. The main street that passes in front of the produce/meat/fish market is called Avenida Benito Juarez. Most buses pass along this street when they are coming into town. To catch one out of town to Barra here is the route:

Walk down Avenida Benito Juarez towards the bay. Stay on the same side as the Mercado. At the corner of Las Palmas (kitty-corner from Banorte) go left on Las Palmas. Go about ½ block to a large blue double gate on the right hand side of the street. Auto Transportes. Go inside to the back right corner to buy a ticket. Ask for a bus to Petatlan. They go frequently and some are smaller vans, others are the large buses. Depending on the time of day they will be crowded or not. (If You are worried about your Spanish, just write "Petatlan / Los Achotes" on a piece of paper to use to explain where you want to go. Cost: 16 pesos.


Tell the driver you need to get off at Los Achotes for Barra de Potosi. When you get off walk one block downhill on the paved road into Los Achotes to the corner across form the basketball court and hop on one of the covered trucks with seats in the back. They go when they have enough passengers about every hour and the cost to go to Barra is 12 pesos.